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Arti et Emicitiae
 Lucas Bambozzi - Private Conversation - Urban Objects
 Christian Lemmerz/Michael Kvium - The Wake - History is a Nightmare from which I am trying to wake up
 Nalini Malani - Hamletmachine
 Malcolm Payne - 10 Canons of Stupidity
 Jayce Salloum - beauty and the east
 Wang Gong Xin - The Face
 Wang Jian Wei - Ying Bi:Ping Feng / Screen:Screen
Song Dong - Face to Face

Exhibitions: 14 September - 15 October

 Bryan Chung en Phil Shek - PoorTech
 Futurefarmers - Nutrishnia
 Mathilde ter Heijne - Indifference to the Truth
 Hung Keung - Human Being & Moving Images
 Jane Prophet - The Internal Organs of a Cyborg
 Katia da Silva - OXUM
 Suzanne Treister - No Other Symptoms - Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky

 Claudia Aravena Abu-Ghosh - Berlin: been there - to be here
 Peggy Ahwesh - 73 Suspect Words
 Phyllis Baldino - Color Without Color
 Breda Beban - Let's Call it Love
 Antonin De Bemels - Scrub Solo 1: Soloneliness
 Michael Blum - Wandering Marxwards
 Bureau of Inverse Technology - Bitplane
 Seoungho Cho - Linear Tracking
 Seoungho Cho - Cold Pieces
 Tony Cokes - Ad Vice
 Heiko Daxl - Gesundheit und Zivilisation
 Sebastián Díaz-Morales - Destino
 Cheryl Donegan - Lieder
 Antonie Frank - Fragment
 Marie-France Giraudon/Emmanuel Avenel - Trans(e) Bleu
 Gabriela Golder - A la mémoire des oiseaux/To the Memory of Birds
 Jean-François Guiton - Tramage
 Ursula Hodel - Past Life: Tausend und eine Nacht (The Arabian Nights)
 Madelon Hooykaas/Elsa Stansfield - Re:location
 Kai Kaljo - Pathétique
 Dominique Milbéo - Oenigma
 Branda Miller - U&I dOt cOm
 Nam June Paik - Tiger Lives
 Song Dong - Broken Mirror
 Jacobo Sucari - The Kuleshov effect - The Production of Sense
 Hong Sung-Dam - Breakaway the Century of Sound and Fury
 Steina Vasulka - Trevor
 Linda Wallace - Lovehotel: Formula for the Emergence of the New
 Wu Ershan - Evolution@jazz
 Wu Wenguang - Diary: Snow, 21 Nov, 1999

 Brent Gustafson - Assembler - Making Art with Machine Code
 Christian Lemmerz/Michael Kvium - The Wake interactive
 lia - Re-move.org, offline_version_01
 Mark Napier - Potatoland
 Eric Zimmerman/Peter Berry/Patrick Heilman/John Sharp - Strain

Gate Foundation
 Sonia Boyce - I want to see it: Twirl, Wiggle, Spin and Chew
 Priscilla Monge - Make-up Lesson Nr. 1
 Liliane Porter - Para usted/For you

 Irit Batsry - To Leave and to take

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
 Sophie Whettnall - Road Stretch
 Sophie Whettnall - Scenes d'Attente
 David Claerbout - Carl et Julie
 Jeroen Offerman - The Great Escape

 Kevin Foakes - Ninja Tune Xhibition
 Atsushi Ogata - Ground Zero
 Alix Pearlstein - Two Women

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