F E S T I V A L   2 0 0 3  
8 - 25 May


8 - 25 May, 2003
PTA Amsterdam


Éder Santos (1960) is the festival's guest of honour and artist-in-residence. Many of his videotapes have been shown at previous editions of World Wide, as was his installation The Lake and the Mountain. At the invitation of World Wide Santos has made six new installations collectively entitled The Encyclopedia of Ignorance, as well as the poetic video essay Neptune's Choice. Another three existing installations, part of the series Four Ways to play with Eternity, will also be exhibited, as well as a retrospective of Santos' videotape oeuvre. This includes the tape Apollo Project, a work that balances between reality and fiction and that refers to memory, a constant characteristic of his work. In his hometown Belo Horizonte he has worked on The Encyclopedia of Ignorance, an installation that is structured like an encyclopedia and that deals with the experience of ‘mortal' sins – vanity, jealousy, vice, remorse, laziness and sloppiness - and the intense emotions they evoke. Traditional values, modern taboos, emotions and relationships are mixed. By juxtaposing them, an alienation is produced as a result of critical metaphors and the questions that are raised. In Neptune's Choice, his latest videotape which he made in Amsterdam, Santos explores his experiences in cosmopolitan Amsterdam, analyzing the rhythm and the daily routine of the city from the point of view of a foreigner and outsider.

Productions by Éder Santos
1990 - Não vou à Africa porque tenho plantæao
1990 - Uakti
1993 - Janaúba
1996 - Enredando as pessoas
1997 - Passagem de Mariana
1998 - Tumitinhas
1999 - Framed by Curtain
2001 - Projeto Apollo
2001 - Nuño Ramos: Acidente Geográfico


This exhibition is in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.

On 9 May at 8pm Éder Santos will speak about his installations in the PTA's auditorium, followed by a screening of a selection of his videotapes, including the world première of Neptune's Choice.

This exhibition and Santos' stay as artist-in-residence were made possible in part by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

The production of the installation The Encyclopedia of Ignorance was financially supported by the Prince Claus Fund

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