A R C H I V E1 9 8 7  
  Inge Graf + Zyx
Achtung! Raum-Kontrolle
  Austria 1986
Videotape, 4:04, colour
That pop-videos are a mostly trivial medium is a proposition that may well find general agreement. A good proportion of today's pop music is poorly served by an obtrusive visual accompaniment that for ever and a day brands the song with its own face, so that the music is for ever after identified with that peripheral imagery. After all, most pop-videos are made purely to prettify the pop song visually. The visual imagery rarely adds anything to the musical content. 'Achtung! Raum-Kontrolle' by Inge Graf + ZYX is quite a different matter, though. They have used phenomena like heads, a star, and electronic typography to create an attractive composition far surpassing the usual sort of 'prettification'. The point is simply to sit back and enjoy a sophisticated example of visual design interacting on equal terms with the music it accompanies.

Henny Kamphuizen

Production: ORF