A R C H I V E1 9 8 2  
  Auto Awac
Home Made Sound and Video Tapes 10/11/12-3-1982
  The Netherlands 1982
Videotape, 8:00, colour
This is an étude for camera, tin pan music, microphone hiss, synthesizer and the rewind button on the videorecorder. Auto Awac alters the colours during recording and rerecording from a monitor. In this strongly esthetic form subject to threefold colouring, the Auto Awac members Kees de Groot, Emile Toorop, Ron Sluik and Frank Morsinkhof play with the attributes of the Age of Chips. They also make ironic refrences to the major oil companies and the way they present themselves to the consumer.
Production: AKI Academy, Enschede