A R C H I E F1 9 8 3  
  Werner Schmiedel
Gegen den Himmel / Gegen die Erde
  Germany 1982
19:00, colour
A diary is assumed to be a record of daily happenings, but it may well end up more as a record of events at night and then not so much the physical events but the dreams. Dreaming is after all a nocturnal phenomenon. Submerged with Esther Williams in a sea of love is something to dream about with your brother. But even if you, in the guise of Flash Gordon, were to stay with the queen of the sea, then the monitors would still keep an eye on you. And anyway, where has your brother gone since he transferred his dreams to the daylight hours? Will he survive his hunger-strike? A diary is not just personal in its contents but also handwriting. This production also has its own yellow/blue video signature.

Music: Phillip Glass, Brian Eno, The Flying Lizards, Laurie Anderson, Anneliese Rothenberger, Production: Nachts-in-den-Städten