The WWVF  360º Panorama Programme


WWVF has commissioned 5 artists to each develop a 360 degree panoramic projection.

The 5 productions are ready or are almost ready. George Snow (UK) has delivered ‘APES’, based on the work of Alberti, Piranesi and Escher. Snow combines architectural aspects of the 3 artists in a virtual world that is located in an un-realised stadium by Alberti.

Roland Schimmel (NL) has collaborated with Maurice van Brummelen (NL) and produced ‘Subliminal Reset’. Roland Schimmel intends a visual short circuit: he manipulates perception at the level of one’s unconscious reflexes. Afterimage and afterimage operation are central aspects in his work.

The DEFRAME collective (Luuk Meuffels, Carline Teunisse Lubberdink, Leon and Robin Cake) have created the production ‘Spiral’. The DEFRAME Collective are creating immersive experiences: abstract rhythmic image and sound symbiotically combine.

Danillo Bartata (BR) collaborates with the Brazilian composer musician Claudio Manuel on the production ‘Celestial Movement’, based on Candomble, an Afro-Brazilian religious movement in which trance is an important factor.

Twan Janssen (NL) collaborates with the Norwegian composer Jasper TX and is currently working to his production ‘Unresolved Narratives’.

Welcome to the WWVF 360º Panorama programme