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Each year festival curators Tom van Vliet and Remco Vlaanderen do an extensive sweep through new video work from around the globe. After careful consideration, they have made a selection, which is on show in the World Wide Main programme. World Wide Main consists of eleven programmes showing recent international videos.

When curating such a variety of works, bringing them together in themed programmes sometimes seems arbitrary. But in doing so trends and insights do emerge.

Some of the artists will be present during the screening and will be introduced by moderator Renata Banasova.

World Wide Main 1
10 june   Programme
A varied selection of short productions that we think are interesting, moving, innovative or aesthetically appealing. In an age dominated by digital video, artists increasingly apply the properties characterisric of cinema.

World Wide Main 2
11 June   Programme
The videos in this programme have black humour and a satyrical outlook on life and art in common.

World Wide Main 3
12 June   Programme
An analytical and a personal vision on relationships and friendship or the lack thereof by Jennifer Reeder and Breda Beban. Preceded by a poetic video by Petra Lindholm.

World Wide Main 4
13 June   Programme
Videos about travel in the widest sense of the word. What is this typical human urge to travel, to go forward?

World Wide Main 5
13 June   Programme
Artists who work with actors in order to analyze ‘the acting’ and the psychological processes inherent to it. Gidley, for instance, applies a classic narrative structure, while in Bingo Show by Christelle Lheureux the ‘actors’ are game show hosts.

World Wide Main 6
14 June   Programme
American artists who offer a different view on historic and recent events and create new narratives by reconfiguring facts and fiction.


Where and when?
World Wide Main is in the Auditorium.
See Programme schedule

A selection of the World Wide Main programmes can also be seen in the World Wide Media Lounge.

World Wide Main 7
14 June   Programme
A collection of short experimental documentaries made in Senegal, Iran, Mexico, Bosnia-Herzegovena and Israel. Remarkable, poetical or confrontational stories/ impressions/ images that are inextricably linked to the people and local culture of the places the artist visited.

World Wide Main 8
16 June   Programme
The European premiere of Jennifer Reeder's first digital feature film Tiny Plastic Rainbow.

World Wide Main 9
18 June   Programme
A collection of recent works by Chinese artists curated by Shulin Zhao. This programme is a foretaste of World Wide Focus on China in 2005.

World Wide Main 10
20 June   Programme
The world premiere of an experimental documentary by Carlos Nader about racial relations in Brazil.

World Wide Main 11
20 June   Programme
Public Lighting, the new video by the leading figure of Canadian avant-garde filmmaking Mike Hoolboom.