F E S T I V A L   2 0 0 3  
8 - 23 May



Shorts 1
Saturday 17 May
Sunday 18 May
Sunday 25 May


Shorts 2

Kristin Lucas
Encounters of the WTC-Kind
USA 2002, 7'28"
In 2000 Lucas was artist-in- residence at the World Trade Center in New York where she had a studio on the 94th floor of the north tower. With her handycam she reported on invisible entities and radiation in and around the WTC. The project took on a whole new meaning after September 11.

Alex Stikich
Quienes Son?
USA 2001, 8'
A combination of a documentary and fantasy. Stikich uses an invasion by alien creatures in Cuba as a metaphor for the cultural and economic dominance of the US. The interviewer's commentary, the eyewitnesses and the reports on Cuban radio complete the surrealistic picture.

Almagul Menlibayeva
Eternal Bride
Kazakhstan 2002, 12'
Stared and pointed at, Menlibayeva walks the streets and market places of Almaty, dressed in a wedding gown. Islamic traditions and ancient rituals of marriage are still strong in Kazachstan. A performance video about the conflict between a modern post-Soviet girl and tradition.

Abdelaziz Taleb
Let Us Kill The Bad Spirits
Germany 2002, 5'
Taleb's work illustrates the younger generation of artists' use of the handycam. He doesn't seem to have a fixed concept, but the camera always seems to be there. like a sketchbook. Taleb also leaves the viewer completely free in how to interpret his work.

2001, 5'
A critical look at Moroccan youngsters chasing an artificial dream. The dream shows its true colours as soon as they arrive at their final destination: Catalonia.

Laurent Vicente
Les Doubres Real City
France 2001, 2'30”
Laurent Vicente & Thomas Bernardet
Les Doubres
France 2001, 4'
Skating is a way of life; it is a statement about the relationship between the individual and his urban surroundings. The camera follows two skaters who skate without a skateboard. Two short videos about the essence, style, esthetics and attitudes of a subculture; about cars, railings and low walls.

Bernard Debaillie
Isle of Dogs (26.03.2002)
UK 1'47”
Isle of Dogs (10.12.2001)
UK 1'30"
A comical look at a dog's life. From the point of view of a surrogate dog's mouth we see this silicon reconstruction chase a ball, and we see him in the back of a London cab, barking with his friends.

Daniel Olson
All Readable Files
Canada 2000
A computer searches all the files on its hard disk. File names flash by on the screen: 'A Drama-Final Exam.txt', 'Meeting with Christina', 'Keep away from Children'. What do these file names tell us about the person using this computer?

Pierre Yves Clouin
Thé au Riz
France 2002, 15'30"
Imagine having a bar in your bed or a bed in your kitchen. Clouin mixes a sound recording of 'pillow talk' with images of public spaces. A video about the dissolving boundaries between private and public space.

Strong Enough
France 2001, 1'35”
The musical drama of a beetle lying on its back, struggling to get on its feet again.

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby
The Fine ArtsCanada 2002 4'
A naked woman speaks straight into the camera about her lack of inspiration. A statement about the 'ideas culture' in visual arts.