A R C H I V E2 0 0 1  
  Rashid Masharawi
Makloubeh / Upside Down
  Palestine 2000
Videotape, BetacamSP, 5:15, colour, stereo
'in/tangible cartographies new arab video' was commisioned by World Wide Video Festival 2001, and especially curated by Jayce Salloum.
A metaphor for the Palestinian 'condition', the preparation of Makloubeh, a traditional Palestinian dish is served up as image and substance, reflecting on the nature of nourishment, the land and culture, laying claim to that which is their own. Masharawi uses a regardful humour and a bucolic freshness of shots in this short treatise on Palestinian identity.

Jayce Salloum

Director of photography Orabi Sawalmeh

Rashid Masharawi ° 1962 Gaza, Palestine
Lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine

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